Mission Statement

Tænketanken Adoption (in English: Think Tank Adoption) is an independent think tank that aims to create a forum where new and interdisciplinary perspectives on adoption and adoption-related themes can be developed in order to improve legislation, ethics, policy, and practice in Denmark.

Tænketanken Adoption aims to change dominant attitudes and produce critical knowledge on topics and issues related to trans/national adoption.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) serve as a base for the work of Tænketanken Adoption. The think tank addresses adoption and especially transnational adoption as a complex phenomenon that must be understood in relation to global inequality, racism and social stigma.

Tænketanken Adoption is committed to transparency, dialogue and interdisciplinarity in relation to the production of knowledge and the different stakeholders involved in transnational adoption.

To achieve its purpose the think tank will focus on gathering and disseminating knowledge about adoption as well as organizing public events. Tænketanken Adoption will also contribute to the public debate on adoption in the form of analysis and evaluations of relevant research, applied ethics, legislation and adoption policy. News regarding policy assessments and events will be published on our website where it will be part of an online archive.

In cases where Tænketanken Adoption prepares collective assessments or recommendations, these will be sent to the relevant policy makers and stakeholders.