Adoption in a Time of Critique

This year Korea Klubben, the Danish Association of Korean Adoptees, celebrates its 25th anniversary. In connection with the festivities Tænketanken Adoption [Think Tank Adoption] is hosting a seminar on adoption critique. The seminar will highlight some of the issues and questions that have become central to the political movement of critical adoptees in Denmark. The seminar is open to the public and will be held in English.

Date: August 28, 2015
Time: 7pm-9pm followed by a reception with drinks and snacks

Kulturhuset Indre By, Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3, 1359 Copenhagen

Fee: 30 kr – processing fee // Free for Members (Støttemedlemmer) of  Tænketanken Adoption, but advance  ticket reservation required.
Tickets are available here:

Save the date and stay tuned for updates about the program!



First Interventions: Adoptee Identity and Post Adoption Services in the Context of Korea Klubben – Liselotte Hae-Jin Birkmose, former Chairwoman of Korea Klubben

A Critical Voice of Transnational Adoption in Denmark – Yong Sun Gullach, Chairwoman of Adoptionspolitisk Forum

Not In Our Name: The Emergence of Adoption Critique in Denmark – Lene Myong, member of Tænketanken Adoption

Short break

The Politics Of (Not) Knowing: Transnational Adoptions from Lebanon to Denmark – Sara Claudi Tangø, MA in Cross-Cultural-Studies and member of Tænketanken Adoption.

The Community of Transnational Adoptees: A New Creation – Mette Lee and Kim Witthoff, Adoptionshuset

Where do Adopted Folks Go, When They Go? On the Migration Patterns of Adult Adoptee Citizens (A Danish Register-based Survey) – Jacob Ki Nielsen, PhD and member of Tænketanken Adoption.

Where Are You Really From? An Introduction to Adoption and Racism in Danish Adoption Critique – Michala Yun-Joo Schlichtkrull, MA in Modern Culture and member of Tænketanken Adoption.

Moderator: Sharmila Holmstrøm Juhlin, member of Tænketanken Adoption


Tænketanken Adoption is an independent think tank committed to produce and disseminate critical knowledge on adoption to the Danish public. The think tank is organised by a collective of adult transnational adoptees.

For more information on Korea Klubben’s anniversary August 29, 2015: